It's not What It Looks Like
It's What It Sounds Like

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The Noble Marble-Effect Sound - Introduced In Our New Plugin

Story Time

The Marble 45-E is the first software solution emulating the legendary analog Marble 45-A, build in 2021, creating a noble and pure sound you would not expect from a software plugin. 

Combining the best of the classic effects every producer needs in everdays workflow the 45-E offers a simple yet effective solution to combine reverb, delay, filter and modulation in one place. 

For the first time we offer the world to explore the unique sound from the one only ever made Marble-Effect!

"One good thing about music, when it hits you,
you feel no pain."
- Bob Marley -


" I've nerver experienced something like this. It just sounds amazing and it is so easy to use. "

Absoulte must have

"This is such a helpfull tool. Spares you a lot of time and it's so easy to integrate in your workflow."


"This plugin sounds really awesome. I was sceptical at first but i was able to achieve sounds i was never able to achieve bevore."

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"The first time i used it it was like magic. Everything makes sense and is in the place where it belongs. Please develop more like this!"


Individual, Just Like Everyone Of Us!

Every sound you create is unique, just like we are! We want to support the next generations of producers to be able to stand out and just make great music. No matter who you are, no matter what you do and no matter what you love! Marble-Plugins was found to offer you a creative tool to stand out from the rest, providing possibilities to discover your own unique sound. 

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